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I'm looking to change the color of my rod from a dark red to a white or florecent color.. I can see my white pole at night , but can't see the red one. Got any cheap (I'm between jobs)Ways to do this?

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Hi Harry.

Usually I change blank colors before I install the components.

Here is how I do it; rub blank with a Smoothscuff pad (Clemens Tackle #60-20-11 $.99). This dulls the finish on the blank so new paint adhers. Wipe blank clean with paper towel and isopropyl alcohol.

Spray blank with color of choice. Follow manufacturers instructions, especially on air temperature and several lite coats being better than heavy coats. When finished let blank dry for a week or so.

I put 2 or 3 coats of color sealer/preserver on blank, let it sit for a few days.

Perma Seal is a one part urethane rod finish. Be sure to do this outside in a well venilated area. The finish dries very quickly, work fast. Let dry an hour or more. Apply second coat. I let it sit overnight to dry completely and then sand very lightly with 600 grit trymite cloth. Wipe residue from blank. Apply one more coat of Perma Glass ( Clemens Tackle #30-07-01 1 oz. $4.29).

I let blank dry for at least a week before installing components.

You might not want to wait for the coats to dry as long as I do. I just don't want any problems.

Now if I can assume (very dangerous to assume)that you want to change color without removing the components, cover all the areas with masking tape carefully.

I think Mark Flynn in Wantagh carries the Perma Gloss. 1-(516) 785-2328. Try your local tackle shop also.

Good success.

Capt Neil

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