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Rigging Tsunami Squid

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Whats the best way to rig a 6" squid? I was looking at it today and it appears that the hook is going to be too far forward using a standard 2/0 or 3/0 hook. Is there long shank hook available? I was thinking of piercing the body of the bait with an awl, threading the line through, snelling 2/0 Gami baitholder then push it back into the body of the squid so the top of the hook sticks up thru the tenticles...kind of like rigging a tube bait for bass.

I have done pretty well with the 3" squid the past few trips, only problem is not a lot of keepers. I thought if I went with a bigger squid I might end up getting a few more keepers.
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I should have opened the package and looked at them before I posted. They are pre-rigged to feed a line through.

Are there any tricks to keep them from spinning?
Thanks for the replies.

Here is what i did, tell me if you think it will work. 3-way, about 3 ft of 30 lb Pink Ande, #3 Colorado blade, 3 glow in the dark beads, 5" squid and 4/0 Owner hook...not sure what style. Aki maybe? I sunk the shank of the hook into the body of the squid and it is exposed through the tenticles of the squid like you would rig a tube bait for bass. I plan on fishing a squid strip with it. 10"-12" above the 3-way I had planned fishing a teaser with a spearing.

The concern I have is keeping the squid in the strike zone. THese things seem pretty heavy...any tricks to keep them from plowing a furrow across the bottom of The Reach outside of jig agressively?
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