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rigging false albies for shark

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I caught a few false albies and have them sitting in the freezer. I know they are good shark bait because they are very bloody and oily.Im not really shure which is the best way to rig them? Double hook set up on the whole fish or fillets? ( fish are probably about 8-10 lbs.)
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Devo and the 500lber.

Hey Devo a 14ft blue is not 500lbs. Yes that is a big fish but I have thought the same as you and had 1 15 to 16 ft and it was just shy of 400lbs. when there that big it is hard to judge the weight because the grith is a key factor. But till they are on the scale it's a rough call.
Mako matt where did you get that chart?

Hey Matt that chart is way off base man. I have seen 8 ft blues just make 125lbs.Just look at the shark tourneys in the area everyone always brings in sharks way below the min weight! This is because of false info like the chart you got. I have had Blue dogs in the canyon which looked better then 14 ft but 500 lbs. is a big blue dog, weight is not told by length alone that is why the Mako at such a short length will be heavier then other sharks. Funny but many sharks can be deceiving when looked at. When we had a 820 lbs Mako at gone fishing in 1995 it looked like a 1000lbs fish and we were 200 lbs. off. So sometimes the weight can be very deceiving like I said but your chart is way off base man. The local shark tourneys have a very similar chart which is why so many sharks are taken in tourney?s . This is a sin in my eyes and wish a better judgment would be brought to the attention of shark tourney leaders!
186 and the discussion

Hey 186 I don't think any one here was complaining about his fish or questioning the size. It is more the Chart the NMFS has put out with the data for blue sharks that is the big debate. Also this is a good discussion and that's what this board is here for. I hope? Yes I see the reports and the graph but to me there is such a big size and weight difference in the length of the fish that it leads to many people to believe they have a bigger fish then what they really have caught. I understand the migration and the weight differences at different time of the year but a 7ft. blue can range between 100 to 200 lbs. That?s a big difference! So my main grip is the chart misleads us on the total weight of the fish. Like Mako said shoulders girth have just an important role in the weight of the fish. So most people In tourneys will measure the fish and not include the girth or shoulders which leads to many blues harvested for no good reason. When I come into many of these tourney?s and see the whole floor covered in blue dogs less than 125lbs it kills me inside!
Anyone in local tourneys where the 125 or 150 min. has seen this and you know it! Funny we let a blue shark go 1 year that would have one the tourney the same year mentioned in the this post by matt . So the NMFS should have a better guide line for us to go by. That?s my only beef here
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Good Job Makomatt

Well Matt thanks for doing the leg work.:). I wish you would have asked her to write up an article we could post here? If you have a direct line to her ext. or the number I would be happy to see if we could work out something for the board as a winter time topic. The site will be running better as soon as George switches ISP service. The office is moving and he could never get a new line in the old office in the time it will take to finish the move so very soon the site will be flying. I and my buddy will be assisting George in setting up the Network! As far as what i came back to in this discussion. Man it is going the wrong way. First off 186 logic I don?t know why your comment to me was nasty? I agree it was a nice fish. The only grip I had was the NMFS chart seems off base! Yes I see the data but remember something the area the shark data is taken from also comes into play. Like matt said. The nor east fish in the spring will tend to be smaller. So the data location is an important factor to consider here also. But I don?t want to get onto it now till I speak with the NMFS as Matt did. As far as thinking this is just a past time. You guys are wrong this is something we all love and do! This is part of our lives! Take it seriously and enjoy it man while you can. Discussions are healthy in the sport and much knowledge can be learned from all the input. Keep it going and you will be surprised. Well got to go Togging now catch you guys tonight.
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