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Resevoir Report 8-10

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East Branch and New Croton Res.

East Branch water levels are dropping agian. Almost back down to the spring low. Not enough circulation or water coming in has led to unbelievable amounts of alge. Blooms have sufficated large parts of the Res. Found perch suspended in what few deep holes are left. Walleye are not liking this one bit..

New Croton has been lowered a good 20'. Gone are the weedlines that would hold fih this time of year. Being stuck on shore limited our abilities greatly. Shiners on floats caught some bass, but nothing like it used to be. TONS of bluegills around. YOU WILL BE CHECKED BY DEP IF YOU FISH CROTON. Make sure you have all your permits with you.

RUMOR MILL: Kensico and New Croton Boats will be back in action next spring (April 1st) BUT NO NEW BOATS WILL BE ALLOWED ON.
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Any good lakes or res.'s for bass and walleye with crankbaits, spoons and some topwater soft plastics on LI? Or maybe some carp or catfish? I'm hoping to go Friday during the mid to late afternoon and evening and maybe early night. And other bait/lure recomendations would be good.
Ok, thanks, heard about something in smithtown where there are some bass though, pretty new to serious fishing (really started last year) and so am pretty new to this so would like a easy place to catch some decent to good fighting fish or have someone helping me, checked on the fishing buddies but no freshwater. And I'm a bit tight on money right now so my lure and bait options are limited.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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