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Resevoir Report 8-10

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East Branch and New Croton Res.

East Branch water levels are dropping agian. Almost back down to the spring low. Not enough circulation or water coming in has led to unbelievable amounts of alge. Blooms have sufficated large parts of the Res. Found perch suspended in what few deep holes are left. Walleye are not liking this one bit..

New Croton has been lowered a good 20'. Gone are the weedlines that would hold fih this time of year. Being stuck on shore limited our abilities greatly. Shiners on floats caught some bass, but nothing like it used to be. TONS of bluegills around. YOU WILL BE CHECKED BY DEP IF YOU FISH CROTON. Make sure you have all your permits with you.

RUMOR MILL: Kensico and New Croton Boats will be back in action next spring (April 1st) BUT NO NEW BOATS WILL BE ALLOWED ON.
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Hi Al!!

I dunno man, I'd call the DEP ASAP to find out whats going on. It usually took about two months to get them.

Call them: 800-575-LAND

At least I found some of my hot-n-tots :)


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LI lakes

Lake Ronkonkoma has a decent population of Walleye, no pigs but there are some keepers in there. Its a tough lake to fish though, especially from shore.

Unfortunatly most of my LI bass trips have stripes involved :):)

Carp? just look for water..hehehehe

IMHO...ya cant go wrong carring around a bucket of shiners, expecially when your not familar with the area. But if ya want to toss some artificals around I'd carry some Senko's, Rapalas and Pop-Rs with me. And an assortment of panfish lures like tubes, sassy shads and twister tails will put ya on fish just about anywhere.

If ya want to get to know the LI lakes better, get ahold of the DEC and request the map and info package for your area
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