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Scouting reports from the Croton System show that the lower reservoirs are for the most part, full and ready for spring.

I don't have word about all the different Reservoirs, so if ya know chime in.

Worst off is Boyds Corner, The reservoir is the first in the Croton chain and the first to get lowered for any reason. Its almost empty.

Surprisingly West Branch is almost full, Gilead and Glenida, don't get drawed down because they are natural lakes, are full. Middle Branch is low.

Cross River, East Branch, New Croton, Muscoot, and Kensico are all full.

Repairs to Titicus Dam are complete, the reservoir is still 20' low, awaiting rainsto fill Titicus for the first time in years.

Do NOT rely on local residents or the random DEP employee to get your info. I've heard several different stories from The resevoirs will be closed at night and have a fence built around them to no ones gonna get on untill May.

Go with what the offical release says, ALL PRIOR REGULATIONS ARE IN EFFECT. April 1st IF you have your new permit.
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