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This week was pretty consistant for me. The deep pockets of FI inlet is holding some nice weakies and bass. The North Shore, from Oyster BAy to Sunken meadow is piled up with juvenile spearing, which makes me believe that we are going to have a great August when the snappers move in. I cant believe how the water temps warmed so quickly. Crazy Alberto let me know that FI inlet was 74 degress on flood water as of Monday. I havn't checked, but the Sound temps must be up there- especially in the back bays. That explains all the small fish in the back bays this week. As of a couple of weeks ago I had some teen size fish in the back bays.----MONDAY--Fished FI inlet for 7 bass to 30". 7pm-dusk.1 1/2oz lime green bucks with red rind was the ticket. WEDNESDAY--T storms made for strong SW wind and lots of weed on FI inlet. I fished with Don Musso of Super Strike fame and another buddy. We fished through the weed and managed 8 weakies and a 13 lbs bass between us. I managed the bass and 3 weakies myself to 10 lbs. Lime green bucks were again the ticket. Slow roll on or near the bottom. I kept a weakie for the table-- nothing in the belly. Havn't seen that much bait in the area either.FRIDAY---I took my charter to the North side of Oyster Bay from 2am-7am. Light SW winds. We managed 5 bass and a couple of blues on 1 oz SS needle fish and mambo minnows by night, and 1oz blue polaris pops by day. SATURDAY--Took my charter to fish the back bays of Ashroken. The T storms really blew a lot of weed back there and it all came out on the ebb. We could only manage 3 small bass even though fish were breaking. Just too much weed. Bass were caught on 1oz SS needles and mambo chicken scratch. SATURDAY-SUNDAY 10pm-3:30am--I took my charter to FI inlet. We managed 3 nice weakies to 10 lbs-all on flood current. 1 1/2 lime green buck with red rind--slow roll on or near the bottom. During the ebb another gentleman took a couple of nice bass -20lbs (my guess at the weight)--Well the small bass are invading the back bays and the larger ones are moving into the deeper water. THere is still a lack of sand eels this year, and I think all we can do is pray for a cold winter so we get a good hatch of them next year. For more click on my banner and go to reports. SEE YA ON THE BEACH!!!
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Once again great report Bill.Montauk should be good in august,see ya then!
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