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Just returned from a trip to the NC outer banks. My daughter and I fished an all-day trip aboard the Miss Hatteras. Had a great time, and caught a bunch of b-liners, a couple bass and triggers and a nice strawberry grouper. We didn't get lucky on any red snappers, but there's always next year. Mates aboard the MH are the best.

Anyway, one of my reels is a Daiwa 350H, and I noticed the handle is a little uncomfortable when doing a lot of crankin' (small grip). Are there any handles with a bigger grip that fits this reel? I'm looking for something cheap.

Did a search and found a post about using Penn 113 power handles, but that the hole has to be filed. Any handles that fit without mods?

Almost forgot-- are there any drag upgrades for the 350H? It's pretty smooth as is, but I was wondering about getting a little more drag out of it.

My main reel is a Penn Baja Special which is turning out to be a great reel. Only thing I've done to it so far is put the handle in the outer adjustment hole for better cranking power. Nice! I don't think I'd want any faster retrieve for cranking big fish off the bottom. Too much like work...

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Ya got me. I have no idea, never having worked on such an upgrade.

If it were I and the big Penn handles woiuld fit with a just a little bit of help from Mr. Dremel's tool, that's the way I would go.

best, Lep
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