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Replace the trebles

I just did the very same thing. I'm leaving to fish the Helen-H tomorrow night and wanted to get the trebles out of the way before I went.

I found these great hooks called Amazing Worms on a site called

Lars and Craig shipped them out to me in two days. They have these tube hooks with multicolored tails - something I haven't seen around here. The price was also right - 1.75.

Also get some of there gummi shrimpss and custom teasers. The teasers are on Mustad 34081 7/0, use real bucktail and KrystalFlash - all for 1.50 each. The purple and pink are really really sweet for the price.

Tell them Tim from NJ sent you if you do. These guys are just starting out on the internet and did all right by me.

Check out there website- they also have an 800 number.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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