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Does anyone know the Australian Website that has the good deals on Offshore fishing reels? Considering purchasing Internationals. Also, does anyone have an opinion on the shimano TLD 2 speed series?
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Best bargain in 2-speeds. Excellent drags, light weight, low maintenance, lots of cranking power. Only limited in the really bigger game, over 200#, like billfish.

I like the TLD20II for 40-50# and the TLD30II for 50-60#. I don't have the TLD50II but have seen them work on triple digit tuna. An excellent reel for 60-80#; however, I wouldn't fish it with 100# and a 33# drag setting.

Spectra can be a good thing if you're prepared for the extra care and skill handling it. The reward is awesome capacity; no need for any backup outfit.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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