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I am somewhat new to the saltwater scene and I'm trying to get geared up for long island sound. I have been out as far as fishers Island and the race, but most of my fishing will be around Bartlett Reef, Millstone etc. Anyway, I have five rods and three reels so I'm looking to purchase two more reels and I need some advice.

I have one heavy action 7' rod with a Penn 320GTi. I have two Medium action boat rods (5.5') I just picked up w/ no reels, and I also have two 7' medium action rods more or less set up for fluke with Abu Ambassadeur 5600 reels. I probably wont be buying anything else for a while so I'm looking to buy two reels and I'm wondering if I should pick up another Penn 320 for the 5.5' rods and get a larger Penn for my Heavy Action 7' Penn Slammer.

Any suggestions? Thanks!!


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