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This is only the beginning, next week we?ll begin optimizing the code a bit which will increase response time ? thanks to our master CF programmer Jim ?Sully? Sullivan, or better know as [email protected] to those of you that have requested help from us in the past.

We?ll also be upgrading our data server within the next two weeks and I?m confident that will give us another performance boost.

I?m glad to see that it seems to be working OK as Sully wasn?t given much lead time to get this board live.

Actually 24-hours is plenty of time - right?

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sorry if i gave you a hard time about
temporarily losing the boards,i really
look foward to them every morning that
i am working and not fishing.and wow
this is even better than before.its
like a striper blitz on the first day
of the season.................NOT !

vinny f
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