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I am taking a trip to Acapulco Mexico during the month of April.

Can the pro's or other members tell me the best rig to use for Red Snapper or Grouper fishing ?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated, as I have never fished for them before.
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trial and error

Well I have fished I in Mexico and found many different types of rigs to server a purpose. I like the plain old egg sinker to a 4 ft. leader and depending on the size of fish a gama octupussy 6/0-8/0. For bait a Cigar minnow will work well for Grouper. The red Snapper love big live shrimp and this type of fishing I would use a fish finder rig and some Fluro carbon. Red snapper have a great way of stealing and feeling your line so fish open drag and wait for a pickup and run till you set the hook! I found a good old Diamond Jig was the best producer of all. I pounded the bottom and then cranked 4 or 5 turns fast and let it back down. Groper loved it! As well as some other ?s. Don?t be scared to experiment I found changing hooks rigs and lures to improve the catch good luck .

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like i said

Tog you need to bring an assortment of sizes in everything.water depth and tide and current will be the only factor with weight you'll need! I used ava-27'to -87's so bring them all! the amber jack loved the diamond jigs. had 20 in less thena hr. to 25 lbs. not big but a lot of action:). Drop them to the bottom and jig and reel if there there your in:). Be prepared for anyhting it will only help:")

Yes Gama I missed the pacific side myself?I caught the red snapers in cancun. but i did fish Acapulco and other west sodes of mexico and the same method should apply. the best cerio macrkel fishing is right off the beaches on the SW side of the island. we also had many sails there on the drop off as well as Big Mahi over 50lbs. Find a local mate and rent a regular ski boat for morning trips evry day. Very cheap and we caught a **** of a lot more fish that way:)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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