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I am taking a trip to Acapulco Mexico during the month of April.

Can the pro's or other members tell me the best rig to use for Red Snapper or Grouper fishing ?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated, as I have never fished for them before.
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Where are you going to be fishing?

The egg sinker rig that Togmaster descibes above is the "go to rig" of most snapper/grouper fishermen. Simply let the egg sinker slide on your mainline and then tie a barrel swivel to the end, then tie on your leader to the other side of your swivel, and then your hook to the end of the leader.
I must be blind

I didn't even see the part where you said that you are going to Acapulco. Anyway, there are no true red snapper in the Pacific, but there are two common species that you are likely to catch, along with other less abundant species. The Pacific silk is very similar in appearance to red snappers, but does not get as big and the meat is relatively dark as snappers go. They are commercial fished on a massive basis throughout Latin America and their numbers are greatly diminished, although still plentiful. I have handlined for them on a number of occasions and a very simple egg sinker rig on a short 1 foot leader, along with a 2/0 baitholder hook will do the trick. Shrimp is the preferred bait. Usually you don't need much weight as often times they will suspend well off the bottom. The other snapper you will see frequently are Pacific lanes or "dot" snappers. While they are bigger than their Atlantic counterparts, they are not common over 5 pounds. They are fished on the bottom with a high-low rig, similar to a porgy/seabass rig and again shrimp is the preferred bait. They are also suffering from immense commercial pressure and it's not like it used to be.

You can also catch large cubera snapper from the surf down there on large plugs. There is a guy by the name of Sergio who posts in Crazy Alberto's forum on occasion. He lives in Mazatlan and is definitely more qualified than most of us in regard to fishing the Pacific in Mexico.

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