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Red braid question and snap swivel question

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Had to pick up some 40# PP and all they had was red. Is there any advantages/disadvantages in using the color red? This is for my spinning rod n reel for surf fishing.
Also, I bought some snap swivels to change lures faster. Time is critical for me as i usually only have a certain window of opportunity to go fishing. Does anyone use these and if so does it have any effect on your hookups.

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I'm not wild about red line - frankly, I think its something of a marketing gimmick. This stuff about "red disapearing first underwater" is more than a bit of marketing-first thinking and a semi-clever twisting of the facts.

If you know anything about light and the attenuation of it as it decends in a water column, red will not "disapper" per se, what it will do is turn black - whether that proves beneficial for our purposes is very much still open to research and discussion.

So this being the case why not just use black line to begin with?

Me? I stick with brightly colored braided lines - like the amazingly bright yellow in which Stren does its Superbraid. even Sufix's new yellow braid is nice - though its not nearly as intense as the shade that Stren uses.

I will ONLY use yellow braid for fluking or bass casting. I find the following advantages:

1/ Its actually quite helpful in tracking your line's path during the cast and especially during the retrieve.

2/ The bright color will really stand out should your fishin' buddy's line become entangled with yours - making a "Dogfish Weave" MUCH easier to untangle.

3/ A "professional overrun" in a baitcasting reel is much easier to undo when the individual coils of line stand out in the sun - or at night by the light of your boat's lights - or your mouth-held mini-maglight. Yuchh, I hate that.

4/ Never have I noticed an iota of difference in the fish's willingness to bite between a typical dark green braid and a brightly colored one.

best, Lep

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Dizzy - I hope you didn't eat him - a talking fluke is a very rare catch.

If not, next time you see that fish would you please ask him why they bite their heads off one day, while a day later they'll let you bounce your lures off their heads and without so much as a nibble?


best, Lep
See, I told ya so.

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