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I was just thinking about something that hasn't been mentioned yet.With all the fishermen,rescue boats,planes and helicopters,why hasn't some sort of slick been detected to locate the vessel.The Eleni had to be carrying a full load of fuel and oil.We all know that a spoonful of gas or oil creates a very large slick.I know there are wrecks like the Oregon that still spills oil after all these years,but shouldn't there be a trace of some gas and oil still coming from this vessel wherever it may be?

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I posted in one of these topics a story about a boat and its gear disappearing completely due to a fire, and the CG know right where it went down.

It is almost impossible to put out burning fiberglass, and this could explain why nothing was found, if it all burned.

The problem with this idea is that no one reported seeing smoke that day. Who knows though, the high winds, low clouds and rough seas may have helped to hide the smoke.
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