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Does any one recommend a good boat to go out on a charter for Tuna or Dolphin fish?

Looked under charters and there are a bunch, but how to tell whos who, Also when is the best time to go out for these fish?


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TUNA is usually now!

The tuna season is upon us now in our area of the coast. Usually starts out with a rather early inshore migration of bluefin in early June. Then comes the early action in the canyons on yellowfin and long fin with schoolie bft showing anywhere between the canyons and the near "offshore".

The early part of the season usually produces better fishing by trolling with chunking working later on. Once we get through July into August, decent trolling and chunking can be found closer inshore like the Yankee, Coimbra, Linda and San Diego. Action will continue right through September into October depending on weather, water temps and bait. Every season presents its own patterns. This year right now the nearer canyons (Hudson) seem to be a little slower due to "green" dirty water. Action further south has been better but still not as good as some would like.

I don't know of any charter boats that "target" dolphin (mahi mahi) in our are. They are usually a by-catch of tuna trolling or just finding them hanging out off shore under weed lines and other flotsam. It is difficult to pin them down to a specific area or location.

Last year, we were fortunate and had them very close to FI Inlet in AUgust. I and my buddy were surprised several times by catching them on fluke rigs in deep water only 3-4 miles off the beach.

As far as boats go, there are several that I can personally recommend that are nearby. The TUNA FIZZ and IDA JEAN II in the Babylon area, the WHITEKAP out of Freeport and NO TIME CHARTERS in Bay Park. It might be difficult to book them this late in the season, but you never know.

Come September there are a large number of party boats that do extended Tuna trips (bait fishing and jigging). These are very popular and often successful.

Hope this helps!
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