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Por has a valid point, most fish will survive out of water for up to 20 minutes, I have had some blues still kicking after an hour which was a shame....

By bleeding them, it is a slower type of death. Think about it, if you were to sever an artery in your arm or leg, you will slowly bleed out and by time you are down to half the amount of blood you had, you're most likely going to be unconcious.

My father taught me to cut on side by the gills, never both. Why? Because cutting both sides is like giving someone a "Columbian Neck-tie," fast, but brutal... By cutting one, it lengthens the time, but probably saves them the pain of being filleted half alive.

If you just bleed them, it will take about 5 minutes or less for it to be over, then you can filet them.

I have one further problem if anyone has an answer, please help.... I love Skate(I know, some of you are probably disgusted), but I hate the fact that you have to slice of the wings(meat) soon after the catch because of the ammonia in their blood. Does anyone know where their major vessels are? I just don't like cutting off the wings than discarding the rest while it's still alive....
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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