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I attended the Merrick Tackle Trade Show last October. I saw a couple models of the new Tri-flex Graphite Inshore series of factory rods. I liked what I saw so I special ordered the available blanks, TF 8420 and TF 8450. Whan they arrived I flexed them to see what I would do with them. Shortly after I learn that Lamiglas came out with a TF 8430. Shucks, I had already special ordered blanks. I felt the TF 8420 was too soft for tog and was hoping that this new TF 8430 would be the one. Oh well.

Recently I was cross referencing rods to blanks in this series. Things didn't look right so I called Lamiglas today to get first hand info. Well, I found out that the 2 new blanks I ordered and own are now obsolete. The Tf 8420 and TF 8450 are not longer in the NEW catalog. There is the TF 8430 AND also a new blanks, the TF 8440 and GTF8421M.

The rods in question are these and here are the new blanks being used to build the rods;

Rod models Blank models

TFX 7020 TF 8430
TFX 7030 TF 8440
TFX 7040 GTF 841M

The GTF 841M I am told has an extra layer of graphite. I suspect it is in the lower half of the blank for extra strength.

Lamiglas is mailing me the latest blank catalog and cross reference list. I will reverify this data.

Today I ordered the TF 8430 and TF 8440. I expect them to be winners.

Stay tuned.

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