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Using the tide charts supplied on this website, could someone explain how to read them. I always feel that I'm off by an hour or so.

Example: Tides for Moriches Inlet for 04/06/02 are listed as follows;
1:55AM High 2.8
8:28AM Low 0.4
2:34PM High 2.5
8:42PM Low 0.6

1) When is the start of the (1st) outgoing, incoming, slack, etc.

2) What Tide Chart should I use on this site for the area near Smiths Point Bridge. Moriches Bay? Exactly as stated or is it +/- some time?

Thanks in advance,

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tide changes

The tide tables give you the time of the tide when it reaches it's max height at a given spot. Not when it's changing. You will still have flow until the back bays fill up. To find when water stops and starts moving you need current tables.
Nor'east had them up to year 2000 then they ceased.


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Current Tables

I asked about the current tables and, I believe [email protected], said they will possible be up in a few months.

Until then, You just have to note when the current changes and then take the difference in time between then and the time for the high tide. This difference will remain fairly constant.

For example:

FI CG station has slack high water about two and a half hours after high tide.

Stony Brook Harbor has slack high water about 45 minutes after high tide.
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