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Re: trolling deep w/ briad, for inshore.

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Has anyone tried going deep w/ braid. Is is supposed to sink like wire?, was thinking of buying the new Penn Lever drag #975lc, and trolling like offshore tuna. Fish Montauk all ledges 28/ 34ft. Occasionaly deep 41ft. Again nothing sinks like wire, but fishing with one rod in boat ( just myself on boat w/ rear station used ) would be a pleasure not to use the wire.* although nothing beats far.

Anyone also buy the new reel?, I think its the Penn 975lc lever, sells for under $300. Any info would be great!

Also: Neil, the marked wire works great, now it comes in many grades and weights. There is even a big spool..600ft for deep deep. The marks have never..fallen, moved, slipped or otherwise. Marlin Marked wire, 30lb,40lb,50lb..300 ft spools, and 600 in the 50lb.
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Braid is not heavier but because of the decrease in resistence due to smaller diamter less weight will make it go down farther. I don't know how much this will help in trolling but I guess it is worth a try for some inshore stuff in 30ft or less. try using a drain weight just before the lure and always use a mono shock leader about 3 feet long because of the reduced stretch. Hope this helps.
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