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Raritan Bay Flounder?

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Hey All,
I was just thinking that Raritan Bay
might be good for flounder this spring,
as I remember it being good after
cold winters. But I have read about
a broken pipe leaking raw sewage into
the waters there. Does anyone know
if that is still going on, and if it
is effecting the flounder spots at
the end of the bay there??
Thanks, Rick
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The broken pipe was fixed early last week but that was after dumping over 500,000,000 gallons of raw sewage into the bay. The EPA took tests at sandy hook aprox. 15 miles away and I believe it was about 10 times the acceptable readings. If you figure out how to keep a turd on a hook the flounder fishing should be spectacular, just keep an eye out for the Coney Island white fish.

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