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Checking to see if there is interest for a Flounder Charter in Raritan Bay,home of the last Flounderlo ;)

Prime date can be arranged.
Can schedule on a Friday or Sunday.

First class party boat, NE Sponsor,
located right in Raritan Bay,
shortest travel time (30 min or less) to any of the hot spots in the bay.
Boat will travel to wherever the bite is, bay, ocean or the Flemish Cap if necessary :)

Would be a limited load trip.
Special pricing for Noreast members,
to make it similar in cost to average open boat trip.

Based on the past few years fishing logs,
and discussion with the Captain.
A couple of dates looked promising from past years
for a good flounder bite and shot at some early season striped bass.

Friday April 18
Sunday April 27

If there is enough response we can set a date for the trip.
Let me know what date works best for you.


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Hmmm Mike I'm thinking that Jack is going a lil' bigger than the Barbara Anne but I could be wrong.

Jack the 18th is better for me but I could probably do the 27th. it shoudl be interesting. I havent targeted flounder in a Loooong time. What better way to reinitiate myself than alongside the infamous NY record holder;)

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if anyone on here knows people on Noreast who are from Brooklyn or NJ (close to SI) shoot them a PM and ask if they are interested in this charter. We need people to get this going.

Now of some of you Long Islanders would cross a bridge we might have something here :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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