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This is difficult but I will narrow it down to 2 fish.

Flounder-----fishing in about 20' water with lite tackle, spin reel, no more the 2 oz lead, anchored or drifting. I love the feel of the bite and the slow lifting of the rod tip and then you have that tasty flounder hooked. The best part is that a flounder arches his shoulders and fights you all the way to the boat. They never give up.

Bluefish----- some times I just have to get on a party boat and beat up on Blues using a rod with a powerful butt/mid section and a fast tip, and usually a 4 oz diamond jig. 40, 50 ,60 feet of water makes no difference. Blues take no prisoners when they see that jig. It becomes a battle royal until the fish is released. They love to bite fishermen. Just ask me!!!! HA!!! I guess they have to win sometimes. A good bluefish battle is good for the soul.

Capt Neil

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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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