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1. Best fish to eat and catch (2) fluke and weakfish. Anywhere from Ocean Beach to the bridge for weakfish and the same for fluke except for when they are in deep water outside. These are my sons favorite who is 10 and getting to be a pretty good fisherman.
2. For me it's all of the previous post except for tuna. Can't do the big fish anymore because of a bad back, but teaching my son how to fish and explaining to him the throw back theory and watching him put it to use is a thrill for me. We even catch our own bait with a drag net over at Davis Park. He is getting into blues and bass now that he is a little older and loves fluke and sea bass to eat. I have had him fish in the Gulf of Mexico for Grouper and he did well. We are going to the Keys the day after Christmas and will be fishing around the Marothon area. I will have a report sometime after 1-3-02 and let you know how we made out. Dolphin and Redf Snapper are the target. Can't wait to see him on a 10-15 lb dolphin.
Happy Holidays to all!
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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