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Wow that is some thread and impossible to disagree with. 2 other oddballs I have picked up in my local travels off the beach Pollack and Trigger Fish. The Pollack not big was out at CBanks in May maybe 6 pounds what a pretty fish and a tough battler reminded me physically of a bluefish. Filleted him he tasted a little bit like a blue perhaps some inbreeding going on there.

Trigger fish at some local reefs I catch he/she very infrequenltly always a pleasant surprise, good battle and the fillet is rich and buttery. The trick is getting the knife into the skin my friend is a hunter and some filleter,skinner, debonner never met something he couldn't butcher easily until .... I was laughing my a... off watching him try to cut into the Trigger like he had a rubber knife, like a Jerry Lewis skit.

Kingfish are alot of fun and interesting looking, somebody mentioned them.

Down in the Carolinas Nags Head they have a run of fish called Spot I think they may be in the porgy and/or croaker family. Entire families and clans head south/set up and fish these things out from the breakers under the pier all you see are people catching one after the other literally 30' above the water those "dad gum varmits" never stop biting, eat little blood worm pieces affectionately called "red gold" down yonder. Spot never come off the hook and never break your line a citation fish runs about 10 oz. try to squeeze into a spot on the pier when they are running and its life or death to a "spot fisherman". Apparently they pickel em, fry em, boil em, bake em, devil em whatever god love the southerners.

On a serious note those piers have been known to give up nice Cobia, Channel Bass and King Mackeral, particularly under the lights at night.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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