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I'll rate my favorite local fish, although I must mention at the top of my list is snook.

1> Any fish that bites my 7 year old son's line: The excitement on his face far outweighs what any fish on my line can do.

1a> Blackfish: One of the few fish where luck rarely plays a role in catching them. You are on egg shells for the initial 30 - 60 seconds of the battle, hoping that the fish does not take you into the wreck or around a rock.

2> Fluke: When they are good size and hitting jigs in shallow water. Nothing like lifting into a fluke with a medium spinning rod and not feeling the fish "slide" through the water--You know it's big.

3> Seabass: Delicious to eat and plenty of action. The big humpbacks fight hard and are one of the most beautiful fish in the sea.

4> Codfish: Both bait fishing and jigging are fun. Not the most exciting fight in the world, but a nice steaker will let you know that he is there. Unfortunately, commercial overharvesting has made them harder to come by in our waters.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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