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Just for fun, please tells us were you fish and rank your favorite fish to catch and why. I Fish Fire Island Inlet & Montauk for all inshore & offshore species. I would rank species as follows If I had a chance to fish for all:

1) Tuna ? nothing beats that adrenaline rush of these ?Swimming muscles?. Favorite method ? Chunking. Love that feeling when you are paying out line and a tuna picks up your bait and starts stripping line off the reel. Then the hook set, ummh! The fight ain?t bad either. Everyone can relate to seeing color for the first time. Every time I catch a tuna, I feel like it?s my first time fishing ? love it. Besides, nothing beats the taste of fresh tuna right off the grill!
2) Bass ? Everyone?s favorite game fish. Favorite method ? live bait fishing. Tried trolling, chunking, clam chumming and had success but never really appealed to me. It?s not much of a challenge to me. As with tuna, it?s exhilarating when a fish picks up your bait and setting the hook.
3) Flounder ? This is a weird choice ? not much in the way of a fighting fish and can be boring at times chasing them. I guess my reason for ranking this fish as #3 is because they are my favorite fish to eat. When I have a couple in the pail, I start getting hungry and start thinking of getting back to the dock and cooking them up. Another reason why I think this fish ranks up there is because it?s the first fish available in the spring. Flounder fishing signifies the beginning of a new season.
4) Weakfish ? I am fortunate enough to live near productive areas for Weakfish. They rank high because I enjoy the light tackle pursuit of these fish and they hit hard and make a decent first run. Also I enjoy getting out to the fishing grounds very early in the am and weakfish are a morning affair.
5) Fluke, Cod, Seabass, Tog ? I ranked these fish all the same ? mainly because they are all bottom fish and require skill and planning to be successful to catch. I only wish that Cod were more accessible to us on the South Shore, they are a favorite food fish of mine.

There are many other species not mentioned but to me they are incidental catches. I only fish for the species listed above.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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