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1. at the end.

2. Tuna, any size. Perhaps my all time best trip was live baiting schools of 10 - 60 lb tuna off St. Thomas. Too bad all the biggest fish fell to sharks. 5-10 lbers on spinning tackle is also a blast.

3. bone fish. I never caught one on a fly, but I've caught quite a few on live shrimp. The thrill of the hunt and the presentation are only beat by the fight. That first run goes on and on and on and on, well you have to experience it at least once. To the poster headed for Marathon, hire a guide and give it a try.

4. bluefish My best experience was the 6lber I caught on a fly from the beach in Amagansett. The blue did a very respectable bonefish imitation on heavier tackle anyone would ever use on a bone, but it's also hard to beat an evening jigging nothing but 10 - 13 lbers off the Eatons triangle some years ago.

5. smallmouth bass on a lake in Maine - it's more zen than can be explained here.

6. stripers, chunking, when that first run keeps peeling off line and you don't know if it's a 30 incher or a 40 incher.

No. 1. - anything where I'm matching fish for fish with my son, as long as he's having half the fun I am.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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