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When the fluke are biting, the fish have some size & the drift/current is just right, its way cool.
When that doormatesque fish first appears and you know for sure it's not a skate, then you get that flattie into the gamenet... wow what a cool feeling. The thought of those big 2 bl. fillets, yum. My best fluke is 5.20 lbs 2 years ago.

I love big stripers too. I got this honeyhole west of the Wantagh bridge that every spring really produces some great fish. Often you get 2 bent rods at once as a school comes through. Sometimes you get the sunsetting as your fighting the fish and that cool sounds that the mono line makes as the wind blows into it, really makes for a memorable experience. Puts you in the Zone baby, in the zone!! he he he.

Tunas, shark are the coolest but I have limited experience doing it.
You know what I'd like to add: The ubiqutous Bluefish !
lb. for lb. maybe one of the best fighting fish , and what about those bigger blues? Man thier so strong even those just over 6-7 lbs. but those gorrilla blues, those are fun to catch.
The'll give your arms a workout!
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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