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ramp at captree

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I was looking on the site for info on the public boat ramps ,,especially the ramp at captree im interested in the hours of operation and if you need permit to use it.. anybody with info or a link i can use to look it up i would appreciate it...thanks
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Ramp hours and fees

In a word, "None".

Technically, the ramp does close at some hour, but they are very understanding of the ways of the fisherman and allow parking at anytime. One guy from Sexton Island parks there from Fri. to Sun.

They only charge a fee, during the day, and seasonally. There may not be any at all now.

It is a beautiful ramp, that has a lot of traffic. Just prep the boat before tying up a ramp and once you re-load the boat, pull away from the ramp so others can use it. Tempers can flare.
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