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First, a word of thanks to two generous anonymous donors who got things off to a great start with a $200 matching challenge and a $200 seperate contribution. As a result we were able to collect $750 for the Toys for Tots Foundation. Both anonymous donors declined to be included for the Grand Prize award.

Winner of the Heddon Flaptail Reproduction with a bid of $100 is George Scocca, a familiar name on the Noreast site .

Winners of the raffle are:

Jimmy Grew - (Jimmy740)
Mark Goldstein (bonsiguy)
Jared Okerson
Chris DiLauro
Neil Faulkner (CaptNeil)
Barbara Fusco (onemoredrift)
Mike Gebbart - ((gebby)
Rich Loszewski - (rickski)

I will be mailing the prizes after Christmas - be patient as it will take me a couple days to wrap and ship them. (Tiderunner70, I need a mailing address)

Special thanks to Rockfish9 and LeoDa for their time, talent and generosity in donating their beautiful plugs to raise funds for needy kids who might not have much of a Christmas otherwise. Thanks everyone...Happy Holidays
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