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Can a 18" Ratheon dome be mounted on a hard top
if there is no welded plate in the frame net work.I was wondering if I could use a 1/4-3/8 8x8 aluminium backing plate by itself, with out it being attached to anything, (just through bolted). The fiber glass hard top is pretty heavy duty. Also.. how do I know if there has to be an angle correction of the dome mounting? Many boats Ive seen are bolted flat to the hard top with no extension of any kind. I heard that there should be a 5 degree correction to make up for bow lift.
Appreciate any help guys,

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i had my radar flat mounted for half the season then went to a 12 inch radar mount there was i big diffrence on a 2kw radar . it worked so much better that i could pick up sand bars at low tide and the smallest bouys up to 1 mile away. plus i think they look a lot better also

tight lines...Anthony
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