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The Race

The rigs to use are pretty much the same. Tie your line to a 3 way swivel. on one leg tie a 4 ft. length of 30# leader to either a circle hook and an eel or a 1 1/2 oz bucktail with pork rind. To the bottom of the 3 way swivel tie a length of 30# test line to a sinker which is heavy enough to keep your line straight down as possible (the weight will vary with the current. Drop the rig to the bottom and crank up 3X. Drift like this towards the ridge which runs from Gull Is. to Fishers Is. If you feel a bump-strike! It could be a fish or the bottom. You will know if it is a fish. If it isn't-crank the reel three more turns. After you clear the ridge-let out line till you hit bottom then crank in 3 turns-keep doing this as you get in deeper water. If you look at a chart, you will see Plum Island, Little Gull Island, Gull Island & Fishers Island Island are all in a line. This creats a ridge(a big one) between the islands. What you are dooing is drifting towards the ridge, then drifting away from the ridge- the bass will be on either side of the ridge. It can get nasty out there for a small boat-there is a BIG rip so watch yourself and at times it can get crowded.Goot luck and tight lines!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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