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I was wondering what others out there find to be the trick for targeting stripers in the Race, early in the year. Just wondering if someone had the magic trick to improve my catch. Any input is appreciated.
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What kind of a rig are you using and what do you mean by "early in the year"?

I ussually drift live eels on three way rigs. By early in the season, i mean may, june.

Live eels usually work well anywhere in the area.

What type and weight line are you using? Leader weight and length? Hook size? How much weight? Are your eels getting chewed up by blues? The most commonly used artifical out there is probably a bucktail jig with soft twister tail or pork rind.

I normally consider mid-May to be early season, as soon as the surface water temp gets into the low 50's.

The Race

The rigs to use are pretty much the same. Tie your line to a 3 way swivel. on one leg tie a 4 ft. length of 30# leader to either a circle hook and an eel or a 1 1/2 oz bucktail with pork rind. To the bottom of the 3 way swivel tie a length of 30# test line to a sinker which is heavy enough to keep your line straight down as possible (the weight will vary with the current. Drop the rig to the bottom and crank up 3X. Drift like this towards the ridge which runs from Gull Is. to Fishers Is. If you feel a bump-strike! It could be a fish or the bottom. You will know if it is a fish. If it isn't-crank the reel three more turns. After you clear the ridge-let out line till you hit bottom then crank in 3 turns-keep doing this as you get in deeper water. If you look at a chart, you will see Plum Island, Little Gull Island, Gull Island & Fishers Island Island are all in a line. This creats a ridge(a big one) between the islands. What you are dooing is drifting towards the ridge, then drifting away from the ridge- the bass will be on either side of the ridge. It can get nasty out there for a small boat-there is a BIG rip so watch yourself and at times it can get crowded.Goot luck and tight lines!
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I would do everything that the previous poster said except change the leader to 80# and put the length at no less than 6 ft. I start at 7 1/2 ft. and clip down to 6 on account of frays. The longer leaders will catch more fish. For the sinker line, go with 50# (one ft.) and put a breakaway (square knot) in the middle.
Hey, thanks for the info. Do you guys think that the circle hooks are better than j hooks? I have never used then for stripers, just tuna.

I prefer 40 lb. fluorocarbon leader for stripers, and only resort to 80 lb. mono after I've been biten off a couple times by an exceptionally aggressive pack of blues.

montauk stripers

i was wondering when the stripers usually arrive out off of montauk thanx............
STripers usually arrive around the point in mid-may. This year, with the warmer water, I'll bet it'll be early may.
at the race at night use a 3 way 12 inches of 60# to sinker and 5 feet of *0# to the 7/0 Hook.
For the day I highly reccomend the same set up but with a 1 1/2 ounce yellow bucktail and red pork rind for night a 2 ounce purple with dark green pork grind.

The bucktail is what I use. I fish the day at the race. Last year I went out 8 times limited out 7 and the one I didnt limit I caught a 38 Pounder. I highyly reccomend going out with a friend because at times the race is very rough and having a few extra people to drive the boat is always a help!

Remember use a yellow bucktail with either red or white pork rind, results are excellant.

Tight Lines,
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