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Quick-Keepr Tip

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With the fall run ramping up I just wanted to share a quick tip I learned on this board a couple of years ago. In order to minimize the time a borderline keeper Bass has to stay out of the water, measure 28" or 29" to be safe up from the bottom of your surf rod and wrap a band of masking tape there. This will give you immediate feed back on the length of the Bass and if she is a legal size to keep.

Same can be done with Porgies, Fluke, Blackfish...etc rods as well.
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Point well taken.

I'd still rather know a fish is legal than guestimate to an inch or so. I have checked and double checked the mark on my rod with a tape measure and never had one read 28-29"'s or more on the rod and turn out to be a short with the tape measure. I probably only keep one in 10 keepers I catch anyway. If you think about it a curve (fishes side) is longer than a true straight line. If you take a curve that measures 28" and press it flat it will always measure longer. Basic geometry.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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