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Need some quick advice on a party boat for Blackfishing tommorow. I have three options since the Island Current and daybreak are sold out that leaves me with the riptide and Northstar out of city island, the Klkondike out of New Rochelle or the Snow goose out of port chester.

Here's the situation, I've been on the Riptide for Blacks and blues before and didn't do well and thought the Capt didn't try that hard. I've never been on the Northstar but have heard great things about it. The Klondike is my favorite boat and I love bluefishing on it but have never been on it for blacks. I've been unlucky on the Snowgoose all on four previous trips for Fluke and porgies (always got the , "should have been here yesterday")

I'm leaning toward the Klondike. I talked to Jacks B & T and he told me that the blackfish bite is off becuase the water temp is still pretty high. I'm wondering, if in the event of a Blackfish shutout, the capt may switch to Jigging for blues and bass which on the Klondike is nothing short of great.

Any advice guys?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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