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Questions for the pros

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I posted this in another forum, but I thought I might try here as it may be a more appropriate forum. I've read these forums for a while but haven't posted until recently.

Hello everyone.

I am relatively new to fishing off of my own boat (2 years experience). I fish the waters of the western sound (Fort Totten, Execution Rock, Matine**** Point, etc.)

I hear everyone talking about how easy it is to catch stripers at this time of year, yet we have not had a really great day yet. We did manage a couple of 15-20 pounders

I have been chunking fresh bunker and using chum. I put 2 lines off the bottom on with fishfinders, one floating with no weight, and one high low rig stuck to the bottom. I have a canyon chum bag that I attach to my stern clete and it seems to allow the chum to flow out nicely.

My questions are:

What type of bottom formation should I be looking for? My fishfinder seems to be loaded with fish most of the time, but nothing seems to hit.

I think I have a good grasp on how to catch fish, but my problem is finding them.

I am really hoping to hear from togmaster or Crazy Al as from reading his posts and viewing his website, I feel he really knows his stuff. I would love to have him on my boat for one day. My learning curve would spike

Thanks for any info.

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Hello Capt. Anthony,

I've fish the Western sound regularly with a sharpie called Rich Tereiro (owner of R&G Bait & Tackle) and worked the Fort T, Execution Rock, Matine**** and other spots and caught plenty of big fish!

It would be a good idea to pay him a visit and ask him the same questions because he is probably the most knowledgeable West Sound fisher in the area! He will be able to assist you (just tell him "Crazy" Alberto send ya). If he is not around (most likely fishing)… Fred will also be able to assist you!;)

LOLOLOL…This must be a coincidence because as I type this message (Rich Called me to tell me of a hot bite.):)

You wrote: "…What type of bottom formation should I be looking for? My fishfinder seems to be loaded with fish most of the time, but nothing seems to hit…"

Well, first of all… you probably set your fishfinder's level too light…. Read the manual and adjust it accordingly.

As for the locations and finding the large fish… There are several deep pockets in the area but it will ultimately depend on the bait situation! If you locate a pocket/drop-off/current flow/structure…. And find BUNKER in any given area…. You can rest assure that you'll connect! ;)

Also… Boat noise could be a big issue when you are fishing shallow pockets…. Drift toward that spot and anchor as quiet as possible!

In the event you are there…. Don't be too surprised to see me because I have several days scheduled with my good buddy Rich. ;)

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
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That is correct!

Yesterday Rich and I worked the sound for some impressive bass via livening bunker and we also managed to cull several quality weakfish up to 11 lbs. with bucktails and plastic bodies. ;)

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
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