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Hi Lo-- a rig, generally with a sinker at the bottom, and at a certain distance up, off a dropper loop or 3 way swivel, is the lower hook, usually baited with what a bottom fish (fluke or weak) desires. A couple of feet up, a second hook usually with a different bait is attached to another dropper loop or 3 way. If a 3 way, your line from the reel attaches to the open eye. Can be used anchored or drifting.
A fish finder rig, designed so a fish will not pick up the weight of the sinker on first "taste", usually uses an egg sinker or a tubular plastic with a snap for a swivel attached. If an egg, the hook is a couple of feet away from the egg sinker, kept that far apart by a swivel. Not used while drifting. Any local library book on fishing will illustrate these.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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