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Question regarding St Croix Ben Doerr SS106MH2

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I just picked up the St Croix Ben Doerr surf rod model SS106MH2. Rod seems nice and has had a lot of good feedback on the board but I have a question. I notice the distance between the reel seat and the first line guide seems to be farther than what I am used to seeing on a surf rod. I was wondering does this hinder casting in any way or possibly cause other problems such as line twist, etc? Mind you I am no expert. Have only been surf fishing for 2 years. Have a baitrunner 4500 that I used to fish on a 10' ugly stick. Was looking to upgrade that stick and chose the St. Croix. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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St Croix makes very nice rods. Have many good times using it to fight fish.

Test cast the rod and watch how the line goes thru the stripper guide, guide above the fore grip. The line should go thru smooth and linear as possible. If the line bunches up entering the guide OR slaps the blank this is an indication that the striper guide is too close to or to far from the striper guide. This friction will cause the loss of casting distance.

If either of these conditions exist you can try your other reels to see if one will give better conditions. The height of the spool center line above the blank and the diameter of the spool can have an effect.

This is why when I build a spin rod I have the customer bring the reel he will use on that rod and we test cast the rod at a local park. As he casts I watch the line going thru the guide. I move the guide up or down the blank until the line travels thru the guide properly. When we are both satisfied the guides get wrapped in place.

My customers also get measured for proper location of reel seat. This also effects casting distance, proper arm extension.

Factory rods are designed for the mythical AVERAGE person.

Custom rods are designed for that new owner. This is one of the reason why custom rods are expensive.

I hope this helps.
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