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Question regarding St Croix Ben Doerr SS106MH2

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I just picked up the St Croix Ben Doerr surf rod model SS106MH2. Rod seems nice and has had a lot of good feedback on the board but I have a question. I notice the distance between the reel seat and the first line guide seems to be farther than what I am used to seeing on a surf rod. I was wondering does this hinder casting in any way or possibly cause other problems such as line twist, etc? Mind you I am no expert. Have only been surf fishing for 2 years. Have a baitrunner 4500 that I used to fish on a 10' ugly stick. Was looking to upgrade that stick and chose the St. Croix. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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Good Choice

I have the same setup and have been using it for about six years now. A definate upgrade over the Ugly stick. Don't worry about the distance beween the reel and the first eye-no problem has ever occurred for me because of this. A good all purpose setup. I first started out with a BR 3500 and appropriatly sized Surf system rod and loved it so much that I went with a bigger version for the surf. I love the BR reels and now everone is copying them, though it did take the other companies a few years.
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