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Question on Plugging

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I have been having a lot of trouble plugging, just about ever cast I reel in, the plug is tangled in the line and coming in backwards or sideways... I am set up with 17lbs test tide to a swivel, then attached directly to the plug (I know a lot of people are against swivels), and mostly stick to large plugs. Would a thicker leader help? Any advice is appreciated.
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You are probably jerking the rod a bit too hard. If the plug comes out of the water, it flips end over end. Causing tangles in the line. Take it easy. Just enough strength to cause a splash. Not enough to exit the water.. And also watch your cast. the lure should fly like a football spiral . If it is flipping in the air...once again, you get tangle in the line. If that is the problem use a smoother cast. Don't go for distance until you get the smoothnedd down
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