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Question on Plugging

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I have been having a lot of trouble plugging, just about ever cast I reel in, the plug is tangled in the line and coming in backwards or sideways... I am set up with 17lbs test tide to a swivel, then attached directly to the plug (I know a lot of people are against swivels), and mostly stick to large plugs. Would a thicker leader help? Any advice is appreciated.
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First, what plugs?

Second, what size rod ya using?

Third, what reel

1 Some plugs like large metal lips tumble when cast certain ways.

2 If your rod is not suited for the weight you are using, or is too short, the point of release on the cast can cause the plug to cartwheel and tangle.
Hard casts with short rods especially.

3 Reels with spools that are drastically different from the colloector guide can cause line slap which wil translate to the plug fouling the line.

Just to be sure, you don't reel upside down by any chance?
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