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Question For Leprechaun

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I was reading one of your previous postings with reference to your silver buller fluke rig and I have 2 questions for......

1-Do add either a spearing or a strip bait to the silver bullet and/or the 1/4 ounce bucktail teaser?

2-When attaching the teaser to the dropper loop, do thread the entire dropper loop through the eye of the teaser (and if so how does it lay?) or do you open up the dropper loop by cutting on strand of it at the base of the knot and use a connecting knot(improved clinch) to attach the teaser?

Thanks in advance
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Hi Skolman - You're on the right track, just need some finessin'-

1 - I like nice medium-sized local-caught spearing on the teaser and a fat lively killie on the ball. I don't use strip baits with this rig as I find they twist around and impale themselves on the Bullet's hook. I also lean towards a medium spearing above because the fluke tend to bite those big yellow store-bought spearing in half, thus avoiding the hook. Not good and quite frustrating.

2- I think you might have missed a salient point. I use a coastlock or duo-lock snap on both the dropper loop and bottom Bullet attachement point so that if and when you get a fluke in the net and he completely entangles the rig, you can simply unsnap the lures, pull the rig thru the netting and then comfortably and conveniently untangle the lures. Also,if you carry only one net and the fish are coming fast and furious you can quickly get the net back in action, even if you have to use it with the prior lures still entangled, at least it'll be useable.

Nothing worse than a nice 6lb fish in the water next to the boat and your partner is futzing around with his rig stuck in the net.

rgds, Leprechaun

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