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QUESTION: Flats Fishing in Dominican Republic

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The wife is convinced to go to D.R. on vacation this year I like the idea of D.R. because of the worth of the dollar there. I'm hoping to get a good few days of flats fishing in. Does anyone know how good the flats fishing is in April? Does anyone know of a good and trustworthy guide?
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Be careful with DR. Yes,the prices may be good but......
It has alot of problems. It is rather third world IMO. My good friends went for the last two years and won't go back, and they stayed at a top luxury resort. Armed guards at the hotel, no wandering off the grounds, poor service, so-so food, a few got dysentary for the week, and my friend came home with tuberculosis and needs to be on medications for the next year!

I see the great adds, and many may disagree who've had a good time there. I'd keep looking. I agree with Hauler that the Bahamas is loaded with flats and you can find good deals. Don't overlook the Florida Keys where you can have it all on a reasonable budget.
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