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QUESTION: Flats Fishing in Dominican Republic

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The wife is convinced to go to D.R. on vacation this year I like the idea of D.R. because of the worth of the dollar there. I'm hoping to get a good few days of flats fishing in. Does anyone know how good the flats fishing is in April? Does anyone know of a good and trustworthy guide?
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Maybe I'm wrong but haven't heard of too much flats fishing in the DR. Never been but I think it's similar and close to PR where it's void as well with the exception of Vieques and Culebra. DR and PR are known more for their offshore gig.

There's a Caribean Forum on a famous fly fishing site. I sent you a PM with info.
Tons but it depends on which Island. Most have flats, some more than others. Especially the "out islands". Paradise Island is probably the worst. You mentioned going with your wife, I always wanted to bring her to the Pelican Bay Resort in Grand Lucaya but since it's in Grand Bahamas (Northern Bahamas), the weather is iffy until Spring. Sounds and looks like a great place with your wife. Casinos and shopping as well as all the other modern amenities. Guides on premise and from what they details DYI on the flats right from the resort.

Maybe others have fished it and can expound. Search the other site as I mentioned in my PM to you as it has many fly fishing reviews on all of the Carribean.

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