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Question about parachute jigs

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I asked The Pros yesterday and didn't receive any responses. Could someone tell me how to fish parachute jigs, eg. speed of troll, color, tipped with anything, etc., etc. Thanks for your help.
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i have found that trolling at 4mph, perriwinkles, tipped with the longest style pork rind works the best. troll two colors a white/red and a all white to see which color they want that day. the depth you have to play with because on some days they are up and others farther down in the water column.
doctorfish, i'm not the best with computers and i will have to talk to the wife who knows about the scanner. a perriwinkle looks like a bucktail with longer hair. I believe they are 3-4oz's. it does not have the smilling bill face or the hairs going forward like the parachute. they carry them at R&G bait and tackle.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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