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Question about parachute jigs

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I asked The Pros yesterday and didn't receive any responses. Could someone tell me how to fish parachute jigs, eg. speed of troll, color, tipped with anything, etc., etc. Thanks for your help.
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when trolling a parachute(not like trolling surgicals)you have to stand near the stern let out your wire to a desired depthnow take the rod and point it 45 degress from the boat hold it with two hands then slowly bring the rod to when its pointing at the stern than back to 45 degress than to the stern than back again and again etc.etc.etc.
what this does is make the hair open and close looking like a squid.i learned this at on a charter boat,we caught both bass and blues but it is work,and then after all that jigging you have to reel in the wire with a good size fish makes for a good night sleep.
p.s. when you are jigging the rod reel in or let out a little wire everu so often so as not to weaken the wire line in one spot

vinny f
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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