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I have the BR880 Surf. Currently stored away but still operational.

If it is the Surf model# like mine they don't have parts any more:confused:.
If it is different # they might still have parts. I sent them a email with a scan of the diagram. This is a brief cut of my inquiry to them.

"RE: Parts for Blue Runner Surf BR80Thursday, February 21, 2008 3:59 PM
From: "email.quantum" <[email protected]>View contact details To: <skate>We are sorry the parts for the BR880 are no available. The reel has been deleted from stock for many years.I have searched our service centers, they no longer have parts available. Thank you, Quantum Fishing6105 E. ApacheTulsa, OK 74115(800) 588-9030

Prior email::

Subject: RE: Parts for Blue Runner Surf BR80


Bottom of the foot said Korea only. Spool Print is
worn away. However the rightside main body says;
Blue Runner Surf
8 Bearing
See attached.
Assuming you can find the parts;
Could you also add the part
Key# 175, Line Control Guide
I will need about 3 pairs.

--- "email.quantum" <[email protected]> wrote:

> We were able to open the attached file to view the
> schematic that you sent. However this does not
> match what we have here. Can you please give us the
> model number located on the bottom of the reel foot
> (the flat piece that attaches to the rod) or look on
> the side of the spool and it should say BR 180, or
> 380, or 480. We have several different sizes as
> well as different vendors for the Blue Runner series
> reels. We will have to have the exact model number
> to determine part availability and cost.
> Thank you,
> Quantum Fishing
> 6105 E. Apache
> Tulsa, OK 74115
> (800) 588-9030

Good luck in your search. I have replaced my BR880 with another reel. It still operational (slightly worn)if you need for parts assuming (it is the same model) I am willing to trade tackle.

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