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I agee that the pots destroy the blackfish stocks but believe that the problem is not the limits imposed upon recreational or commercial rod and reel fisherman. First of all, there are no commercial licenses available for years and there was plenty of blackfish when there were no limits. Instead of blaming recreational or commercial interests, legal challenges in court need to be made to the arbitrary laws imposed by ASMFC. They know that the recreational and even commercial interests rarely challenge these laws, so they do whatever they want. As an attorney of l8 years, I know that the silent majority allows unfair laws to go on the books. I have often wanted to challenge various laws, But was amazed to find that no one wanted to put up anything to protect their interests. As a result, the only choice would be for me to utlize hundreds of hours of time for the benefit of everyone at the expense of my family and law practice. Just don't believe everything the ASMFC tells you as to what is appropriate. Look at the limits on striped bass -- I am still catching them at 17 while blackfishing (and releasing them)
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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